Tim McGatha    
                                                    providing some of the
         best Country Lead Guitar licks today. He also
           sang and did backup vocals for the band.
          Tim has been involved in
music for the most
           of his life. 
Born in Ohio, Tim grew up in a family
           that sang and played Gospel music for many
           years.  From the age of eight Tim held a guitar
           in his hand every Sunday Morning.  Residing in
           the border hills of the Carolina's, Tim is married
group member Reshana Marie (McDowell). 
           Tim is a member of the band, "Reshana Marie"
           If music and owning
his own diesel shop is not
           enough to keep him busy, they also have two lively
           young boys, Dalton Michael and Dylan James.

                  At home on the stage, Tim has it all with an 
of ability and a great stage performance!