Chase McDowell
                  plays various instruments...

             Mandolin, Fiddle and lead guitar
   It's been said  "don't put your instrument
   down or you just might lose your position"
   It's safe to say whether it has strings or not,
   Chase can play it.  Singer and songwriter,
   providing lead & vocal backup. Chase has
   been professionally involved in music for
   over 23 yrs.  Playing all started in April of 1996
   at nine years of age when one day while setting
   up for a perform
ance, Chase seeing the case
   just laying in the cargo bay as no one ever
   unloaded the mandolin or played it, looks up
   at his
mother, and confidently says

           "I can play the mandolin, mama"
  and so he did, that very night ( unplugged ! )
            A couple of years later, after a concert in
   Ohio, a nice gentleman opens up a fiddle case
   and gives him an old fiddle and, well the rest is
   history...   By the way, he still plays that same
   fiddle today on the stage.  Within a year after his
   birth in
Fort Wayne, Indiana,  the family moved
Florida where Chase spent the next 25 years.
   Chase and his wife Aubree of 10 yrs, reside in the
   border hills of the Carolina's with their two girls
   Madelyn Nicole & McKenzie Noelle. Chase also
   plays in his sister's band, "Reshana Marie".
   At 32 years old, the family still calls Chase ...
                                                               the Baby Boy !



         Chase ... diverse & full of talent !






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