Shaun  McDowell      Bass Guitar

      Shaun is a well seasoned Bassist along with
         singing a little lead & some great harmony!
         Shaun has been professionally involved in
         music for over 22 yrs, even drove the bus for 
         the group from 1995 until coming off the road  
         in 2001. He picked up the bass guitar in 1995
         and was on stage playing it just two weeks
         later, a naturally talented individual  !
         Holding the honored position of being the
         first born child, at 39 he is the oldest sibling in this
         musical group. Originally from Ft. Wayne, Indiana, 
         in 1987 Shaun moved to Florida with the family.
         While living in Florida in 2001 he married his wife,
         Kathryn  and now have two children,  Kaylee, 13
                                                             years old, and Kyle, eight years old. 


A highly talented musician and vocalist !


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