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handy Lynn
(McDowell)  Reichert

   The first of three to be born in Florida.  At
   30 years old, Chandy helped where needed.
   Sometimes found on the stage singing a
   song or two with her sisters, and
   resembling one of her older sisters, Tasha,
   it was often said "it's like seeing double"
   Chandy helped with the product table,
   and watching her older sister's children
   so they can feel at ease while performing
   on stage. Residing in the Carolina's, Chandy
   and her husband, Jerry have three beautiful
   Abigail Joleigh,
 Emma Lynn and Ellie Anna

helsey Lane McDowell

                  Originally born in Florida and with a personality just as sunny.
Chelsey Lane ran the effect lighting for the group.  
                Chelsey is single, 27
 yrs old and resides in the Carolina's.
                Although she has received over 10 years of  professional training and / or
                experience in theatrical and liturgical dance Chelsey has a very "natural"
                talent and a passion for the creative arts. As the owner of  "Chelsey Lane
                Photography" she also has a love for photography. She really enjoys
                shooting and editing photos along with creating photo fantasy pictures
                from ordinary pictures .
                Chelsey does the effects lighting and photo/video editing for the group.
hyla Ann (McDowell) Perry
Originally  born in Sunny Florida, Shyla, the
                                                             youngest member of the family is 25 yrs old.

               She and her husband, Zack are residing in
               the Carolina's. They have two little girls, Lilly
               born the same month they celebrated their
               one year wedding anniversary and Suzy born
               Jan 2021...
               Shyla helped run the product table.
               Although not performing on stage Shyla is also
               talented vocally and like her sister, Chelsey, She
               has spent  10 years in
theatrical / liturgical dance
               training and performance. They would perform a
               dance or two while the band was on Break!
...and last but not least       
SherryJo McDowell
Sherry, when needed ran the sound for the group. She
handled all the inquires and internet presence for the
A devoted mother of eight adult children and
known as Mamaw to 19 grandchildren, she has also
been the faithful, loving wife to David for over 45 years.
She holds a very crucial place in this family.
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