RESHANA MARIE




Reshana Marie (McDowell) McGatha 

 A Nashville recording artist, songwriter, vocalist, musician
    and singer,
Reshana Marie plays rhythm guitar and sings
    in this band. But it does not stop there, She is also an
    accomplished bass player, as was
her grandfather Porter
, her father and her brother Shaun McDowell.
    Last but not least, she evens has her own band, called
    "Reshana Marie"
, which some of this family performs in too!
Reshana has been professionally performing since she was
    15 yrs old. Originally born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, in 1987 Reshana moved with the family to Florida where she spent most of her younger years growing up. In 1996 while performing in Ohio, Reshana met Tim McGatha. In 1998,  they were married. Tim is the the lead guitar player in the group. Reshana and Tim reside in the border hills of the Carolina's with their two boys, Dalton and Dylan. 
              One of the best voices in Country Music today!

       Look for Reshana Marie's solo CD
                      "Where She's At"
 Songs written by ...
 Reshana Marie                                          



                              UPDATE: Reshana Marie won her fight
                      against  B-cell Lymphoma (CNS) . As many of you
                     already know she was diagnosis a year ago, 2016
                     with an inoperable malignant brain tumor.  Tumor
                     is gone and so is the cancer as of June 2017 !

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