Sheldon McDowell  plays the drums

          Sheldon, 33 yrs old, has been professionally
          involved in music for over 20 years.
Like his 
          brother Shaun,  he was just as determined and
   also a very quick study.  Just shortly after
          receiving his drum
 set he was on the stage !
born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, in 1987
          he moved to Florida with the family, spending
          most of his younger years there.  In early 2009
          he married Julia Streich.  (now Dr Julia McDowell -
          Audiology). Residing in Hickory, North Carolina
          they have two beautiful red headed girls, Grace
          Helen age eight, and Amelia Faith who is six yrs old.
          They are expecting their third child, a boy named
           Matthew David McDowell, in late November 2018.

                            This one is on the move
         Sheldon's  speed and energy is impressive !




















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