Sweet Water Junction Band 
         ... a family tradition since 1949,
   a unique group which truly are
    family and professionals. 
  Residing in the Border Hills
 of the Carolina's and the
Sunny Shores of Florida.
Although retired, this family
 group still books a few shows
per year for Outdoor Concerts
 Fairs & Festivals
 ...providing some of the best in
    kickin' 90's Country Music & more.  
     With not one but five lead vocals,
        including backup harmony vocals...

 This family provides a show of high energy, variety and talent, unlike any other.
 This group will entertain you and keep your attention !

The Group Members are:
      Dave McDowell
  (the Father )-Rhythm Guitar & Vocal
      Shaun McDowell-Bass Guitar & Vocal
      "Reshana Marie" (McDowell) McGatha-acoustic guitar & Vocal
      Tim McGatha-Lead Guitar & Vocal
      Tasha (McDowell) Wadsworth-Keyboard & Vocal
      Sheldon McDowell-Drums
      Chase McDowell-Fiddle, Mandolin, Lead Guitar & Vocal
      Behind The Scenes:
      Chelsey McDowell, effects and Lighting  
      Shyla (McDowell) Perry, Product table 
      Chandy (McDowell) Reichert, Product table
      Sherry McDowell
( the Mother ), Bookings & Internet Presence

   This group has a great time together and are fun to work with.
 Check out the history/bio link for more information on the history
 of this family group, and a bio on each member.  Visit the Demo link
 to listen and view this group in action.
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